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Over the years we all collect items we don’t really need, or think we’ll use and they never see the light of day again. Unfortunately, this means it’s all too easy to end up with a cluttered home. I found this out recently when I was packing to move. The sheer volume of items I had kept “just in case” was staggering, and in the end I had to be pretty ruthless and level headed when deciding what to keep and what to move on.

No matter how many items you own, achieving a clutter free home is possible. I have highlighted five top tips for a clutter free home below. These tips should help make the de-cluttering process quick and easy.

Make three piles

When going through your items make three piles. A keep pile, where you can put all of the items you want to keep. A donate pile, where you can put items that are in a good condition and that can be donated to help a local charity. And a rubbish pile for items you don’t need and won’t use again.

Consider storage options

If your home is lacking in storage space which is resulting in your home feeling cluttered, you could consider adding more storage to your home where possible. A few shelves could hold items you want to keep and make it look less cluttered, or a small unit could let you display your items neatly. If adding more storage space isn’t possible, you could consider hiring a storage locker and keeping your items there. This does have a cost, but if you want a clutter free home it’s a price worth paying.

Upgrade your tech

Okay, this one might sound a little strange. What does tech have to do with de-cluttering? 10 years ago DVD’s and CD’s were big business. Since then, technology has improved, DVD’s have been replaced with Netflix, YouTube and Sky movies and CD’s have been replace by Spotify, itunes and ipods. This means you might have a large selection of DVD’s and CD’s that you no longer use and which are taking up space. If you haven’t watched the DVD’s or listened to the CD’s in a couple of months, it might be time to move them on. If you decide to move them on you could sell the items to your local second hand shop such as CEX, Cash Generators or the online service Music Magpie.


Don’t keep a junk drawer

There’s a drawer or cupboard full of odds and ends in every home, we are all guilty of this. The problem with a junk drawer is it encourages us to add more items to the drawer, close it and forget about it. If we don’t have a drawer we can eliminate the junk inside. 

Keep on top of things

Once you have de-cluttered it’s essential to regularly go through your home removing items which are no longer being used, this will stop your home becoming cluttered again. It’s easier to keep on top of the clutter and remove a few items at a time, rather than having to go through the whole house at once.

It can seem like a daunting task and in my experience things look worse before they look better, but if you use the tips above you will get rid of a lot of unwanted clutter and end up with a lovely clutter free home.

Do you have any tips for a clutter free home?

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