Are you thinking about taking a family cruise? Cruises make fantastic family friendly holidays and offer something for everyone, no matter what age. If you’re planning your first family cruise you might find the How to Choose the Perfect Family Cruise post from Cruise Club UK handy, the tips will help you make the most of your cruise. I have also written up some helpful tips to consider when booking a family cruise.

Do Your Research

Before booking your family cruise do as much research as possible. Find out what facilities the ship offers, where the ship will dock and any rules you must follow. You will spend a lot of time on board the ship and will want to make sure there are a lot of activities for everyone to enjoy. If you have older children you might want to get them involved in researching which ships offer activities they would enjoy.

Book Early

Family cabins tend to be booked up very quickly, especially during the Summer and school holidays if you want to get a good room it’s worth booking early. I know it’s tempting to wait and see if you can get a late deal but if nothing comes up then you won’t have a holiday to go on. There are often early deals available too so it’s worth having a look to see what’s on offer.

Arrive a Day Early

This might not be possible for everyone, but if you can arrive a day early it definitely makes things less stressful, especially with small children. If you’re taking a flight to the port this is particularly helpful as flights can be delayed and it helps avoid a stressful day. You will also want to arrive at the port in plenty of time to check in and go through security.

Take Steps to Combat Travel Sickness

Nobody wants to be travel sick when taking a cruise. The good news is there are remedy’s out there that can help keep travel sickness at bay, there are even child safe options. If your children have never been on a cruise before it’s definitely worth taking travel sickness remedy’s with you to be on the safe side. It’s worth noting when booking your cabin that there tends to be less motion on the lower decks and mid-ship, if you get travel sick or are worried about it book a cabin there if possible.

Pack Carefully

As you will be visiting different destinations you should be prepared for a lot of different weather conditions. Before you pack check the weather forecast for the destinations you will be visiting. This will let you pack the correct clothes for the weather at each destination. Cruise ships sometimes have a formal dress code in the evening so it’s worth looking to see if that’s the case on your ship as you will need to pack formal wear.

Know the Rules

If you have young children it’s worth noting that cruise ship swimming pools don’t usually have life guards and most cruise ships don’t allow children wearing swim nappies in the pools. Some ships have splash pools for children who wear swim nappies but it’s worth checking beforehand to avoid disappointment. If the pool has a slide it’s also worth checking if there are height restrictions that could mean your children can’t use it.

Joining Excursions

Most cruises offer excursions at each new destination. If possible research the excursions before going to see if it will be something you can enjoy as a family or if it would be better for you to find things to do yourself that everyone can enjoy. Some excursions will be included in the cost but others might not be so make sure you confirm this before booking.

If you follow the above tips you will be able to book your family cruise with confidence, knowing you are well informed and have everything you need to have a fantastic family holiday!

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