Top Tips For Improving Your Website

In an age where pretty much everything is digital, your website is one of the very first things customers notice about your business. It is one of the main ways of attracting new customers and clients, where you can showcase your products and services and where you can stay in touch and share the latest industry news. However, there are still an enormous amount of websites out there that are poorly designed and are difficult to navigate, which can be offputting to many customers. 

The tips that we share below may give you a helping hand if you feel your website could do with a bit of an overhaul. We cannot promise that you will have thousands of visitors overnight, but if followed correctly, it will almost definitely attract and maintain a steady flow of traffic to your site, with the bare minimum of effort from your end. 

1) Keep it clean

When it comes to your website design, less is always more. If your site is clean and tidy and does not have anything unnecessary cluttering it and slowing it down, it will keep visitors on there. White space is always a good thing when it comes to website design. If this isn’t your forte, you might want to look into the services of a trustworthy web design agency.

2) Link to social media pages

Most people are now on one social media network or another, so make sure that you have your links to your pages visible on your website – Facebook. Twitter and Instagram being the three main ones. Make sure you are active on all three as well, as many people find it a much more comfortable way of getting in touch with you. 

3) Include client testimonials and reviews

Customers like to read reviews from previous ones before using a service or purchasing a product from a website, so make sure you have a client testimonial or review section. You will undoubtedly get the odd piece of negative or neutral feedback, but how you deal with it is more important. Always say thank you to your customers and respond to feedback as quickly as possible and if there is an issue, discuss how you may resolve it. 

4) Make sure it works

Your website has to work – all of the time. There is no point in having a fabulous site if it doesn’t work, or your visitors are always getting error messages. Make sure that the company that hosts it is reliable and that they respond to any periods of downtime quickly and efficiently, as every minute is it down, you are potentially losing customers. Website hosting does not have to be expensive – there are plenty of companies out there who offer it on a monthly payment basis.  You also need to make sure that your website is backed up regularly – believe us, if something goes wrong, you will be glad you did it!

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