Moving house can be extremely stressful, it can also be very costly. I have moved a few times in my life and have a good understanding of what it involves and also how to make it as easy as possible. I actually moved in May this year and it was one of the least stressful moves thanks to being organised and having help from family and friends. If you’re thinking about moving or you’re in the process of moving then you might find the tips I have shared below helpful.

Make a list

The first thing to do when you have signed everything and have a moving date is to make a list of everything you need to do and organise. There will be more than you think, but don’t panic. As long as you have a list of everything you need to do and mark them off as you go along it will be manageable and you won’t miss anything important. You will have to remember things such as changing your address with energy suppliers and your bank, hiring a removal company or van, packing an essential items box and don’t forget to re-direct your mail to your new address so you don’t miss any important letters. There’s a lot to remember, so having a list you can add to when something comes to mind and you can cross off items you have completed is a must.


Before you start packing your life into boxes now is the perfect time to de-clutter, after all you don’t want to take things just for the sake of it and then have to de-clutter when you get to your new home. Try sorting through one room at a time so it doesn’t seem like such a big task. Have three different piles when sorting, keep, bin and donate. This way you can easily sort your items into the correct boxes. It might seem like you’re adding an extra job for yourself but when you get to your new home and don’t have extra clutter to sort through you’ll be glad you did it. I certainly was.


Ah, packing… Something nobody likes to do but needs to be done. When packing your boxes the main thing is to use sturdy boxes, the last thing you want is your plates falling through the bottom of the box. Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the box and make sure not to pack too many heavy items in one box, you don’t want any injuries. Label your boxes on the lid and on the side of the box so you can see at a glance which box belongs in which room.

Keep you essential items together 

Keep all of your important documents together and pack an essential box for the first night in your new home. This is especially important if you’re moving late in the day and you don’t want to spend hours hunting for items your need. Essential items could include, a kettle, snacks, pet food, baby supplies/essentials for children, first aid kit, toolbox and cooking items.

Look for offers

Moving can be costly, even if you choose to do the hard work yourself. You will have to pay for a van to move your items, you will have to get cardboard or plastic boxes to store your items, then there are other costs such as choosing to get a quick takeaway on the first night, paying to re-direct your mail etc. These are costs that can often be overlooked and leave you with less money than you anticipated. The good news is there are ways to save money when you’re moving. Looking online for promotional offers or discount codes when booking van hire as you will often find money off vouchers.

Do you have any helpful tips for moving house?

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