Top Tips On How To Get More Active When Leading A Busy Life

Health and fitness has taken a huge leap in the last 5 years and has become more accessible to all of us. But why are many of us still not able to commit to prioritizing our health? According to the NHS, ‘to stay healthy/improve our health, adults need to participate in two types of physical activity a week.’ This should consist of ‘at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as cycling or brisk walking every week, and strength exercises on two or more days a week that work all the major muscles.’ Still, life always seems to get in the way.  

Exercise is actually a lot easier to integrate into our lives than we might think. You do not need to become a fitness addict, nor do you need to attend the gym 5 times a week to stay healthy. By adding simple changes into your life you will begin to see major health benefits by following these simple steps below.  

Home – Whilst time at home is limited for many of us, it is increasingly easy to stay slumped on the sofa. Start by slowly changing your habits into healthier ones. Instead of paying someone to maintain your garden or to complete your housework, begin to complete these tasks yourself. Anything that increases your heart rate slightly is really beneficial to your overall health. Whenever you need to pop to the local store, walk/bike there instead, or if you do need to drive, start getting into the habit of parking as far away as possible, to increase your physical activity levels. Whilst walking, picking up the pace not only enables you to get there faster, it also elevates your heart rate and makes your body work harder. You can also choose the hilly route to help improve your fitness even more. If you are making phone calls at home, you will burn more calories whilst you’re standing, so try to remember this each time you are on the phone. You can also organise for a personal trainer to visit you at home and save you a round trip to the gym and back. If you do not have the time to set aside 30-minutes to complete a workout, try this 10-minute fat burner, body weight workout and complete this 3 times a day.  

Complete 10 Reps & 3 Sets  

Squat Jumps,  

Push-ups & x2 Shoulder Taps,  

Sit Up & Twist,  

Curtsey Lunge & Side Leg Kick,  


Work – Our time at work is sparse. According to ‘12 hours is the amount of time the average person is sitting (aka sedentary) a day, the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality is physical inactivity, and there are 3.2 million deaths a year are related to physical inactivity.’ It is about time that we implement small changes into our lives to address this. Start introducing walking meetings and start walking during business calls when you don’t need to reference important documents. Instead of calling a colleague in the office, walk to their office. If you need to use the bathroom, or the printer, or even need more coffee, take the stairs and walk to another floor if possible. Instead of taking the lift or escalators, always take the stairs. Create a group personal training session on your lunch break, either in a spare meeting room or in a nearby park. If you travel for your business, stay at a hotel with a gym or a swimming pool. If you have a long wait at the airport, walk around instead of just sitting for hours. Buy some resistance bands to take with you, not only are they really light and can be easily packed, they are great for muscle toning and building strength whilst you wait.  

Weekends/Downtime – As the weekend commences, this added downtime allows for more physical activity to occur. This can be achieved by spending more time outdoors; plan family outings, or instead of meeting friends for a coffee, opt for walks, museums, art galleries, bowling or mini golf instead. You can always take up a sport, or an active hobby. You can also run errands by walking instead of driving. Invest in a mini trampoline or a static bike and exercise whilst you are watching TV. You should aim for around 10,000 steps a day, to help you reach this mark. Instead of sitting throughout the TV adverts, you can change this by holding a plank, or seeing how many squats or push-ups you can do. Or simply just get off of the sofa and finish a task you have been putting off.  

By adding these simple changes into your daily life, you will be amazed how quickly you will begin to see results. There are many benefits to regular physical activity. Some include; improved muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness, bone health and weight management. It reduces your risk of high blood pressure (hypertension), coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some cancers. It also reduces anxiety and depression, helps prevent mental health problems and will boost your mood and wellbeing. Try changing your life by starting today!  

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