Top Tips to Help Puppy Proof Your Home

Fawn Pug Puppy

Getting a new puppy is such an exciting time, especially when you’re a first-time paw-rent, but have you checked to make sure your home is fully puppy proofed? From exposed cables to small objects, there are lots of things that need sorting out before you bring your beautiful puppy home.

Wires and Cables 

Every house is guaranteed to have lots of wires and cables scattered around, even if they all serve a purpose such as plugging in the TV and speakers, but these are a magnet to puppies. If you fail to tuck your wires and cables away neatly, your puppy will find them and more than likely chew through them, which won’t only be a huge inconvenience, but this also causes potential risk for your puppy as they could choke on the small parts of broken up plastic.  One great way to hide your cables from curious pups is with some durable cable covers, as these will help to protect them and keep them covered. 

A Calm Space 

For your puppy, coming home to a place filled with new smells and things to explore will be really exciting, but it may also be slightly scary as they’re away from what they’ve been used too for the last few weeks. To ensure your puppy is coming home to a place that helps them feel calm and comfortable you should look at introducing a calming diffuser to the area they’ll be sleeping in. By adding a diffuser along with some cosy bedding and plenty of toys for them to play with, they’ll associate this area with being happy and relaxed, providing them with the perfect place to sleep. You can find a selection of diffusers to suit different purposes online at retailers like Petwell, to ensure you find the right one for your home.  

Small Items 

Just like cables, our houses are full of random small items that are dotted all over the house. It doesn’t matter what the item is, if your puppy comes across anything small enough to fit into their mouths, it’ll probably become their new favourite toy. Do a thorough check of your home before you bring your puppy back to ensure there are no small items scattered around that your puppy could get hold of. It’s very similar to having a toddler in the sense that you don’t want them to get hold of anything as they may put it into their mouths, you really need eyes in the back of your head!  

Potential Poisons 

It sounds slightly extreme, but many of the household items that we have can be dangerous to our pets, especially houseplants and medication. Puppies are curious and will explore, sniff, smell and lick everything. If you have plants in your home, make sure you do a little research to make sure they aren’t poisonous to dogs. Similarly, if you have any medication, pack it away in a cupboard out of reach, as the last thing you want is your puppy nibbling on some pain killers resulting in an expensive vet bill. 

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