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Whether you’re currently renting your living space and want to make the bare walls feel more like your own, or you feel your living room needs a personal touch, but you have a tight budget for homeware this year, you’ve come to the right place. There are many tricks you can use to inject some personality onto a blank canvas – here are our top tips…

1. A splash of colour

Colour instantly transforms a room, and by adding your favourite colour to your living space, it will immediately make you feel more at home and attached to it. It’s a good idea to stay light with the walls so that you can easily change a bold colour in future, and then just highlight certain areas in the room. If you want to create a certain mood, whatever colour you pick can affect this. While blues and sea greens will generate feelings of calm and tranquillity, yellows and oranges make a room feel bright, vibrant and exciting.

2. Soft furnishings

Once you’ve picked the colour you’re going with, soft furnishings are a good way to bring that into the room, as they can easily be changed in future. Cushions, rugs and throws add warmth to a room, while picking funky patterns can break up the mundanity of the blank walls. You should also think about swapping your curtains for ones with a bolder, colourful pattern – when closed, they’ll have the same effect as a feature wall, with none of the expense.

3. A tropical twist

Adding plant life is another great way to personalise a space. On the one hand, you can add plants that flower a certain colour, to match the theme of your room. On the other, you could pick plants that have specific properties; for example, opting for ferns or peace lilies which have purifying qualities will improve the air and make your space feel cleaner and calmer. Then there’s also the idea of terrariums – miniature gardens encased in glass bowls. You can move them around easily to create a feature focal point in a room, and you can make them out of your favourite plants.

4. Add those final touches

It could be the case that you’re in a rented space and unable to change the furniture, or you spent a lot of money on those plain sofas and don’t want to change them. This will actually work in your favour, because you can always add unique pieces to a room to give it a boost. How about an armchair by the window with colourful upholstery? Or a vintage dresser that’s been repainted? Plus, don’t forget about the walls for those final touches. Add some large canvas pictures to break up the dull colouring, and use shelving for decorative purposes rather than simply storage by showcasing your favourite trinkets.

Do you have any more ideas on how to personalise your living space? Let me know by leaving a comment below…

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