Tradition Vs Practicality: Updating Your Terraced Home

While sales of terraced houses reportedly dropped slightly in 2017, a trusty row of terraces is still very much a familiar sight in so many of our towns and cities across the UK. Older style terraces in particular are often snapped up by expanding families stepping up the ladder. This is of course because stepping into the some of the very best terraced houses can be comparable with stepping into Narnia, they frequently hide within far more space than their detached counterparts. And, there’s often more space to play with than the majority of new builds aimed at young families too.

If you’re a fan of some of the most popular design features of modern homes, you may have overlooked traditional terraced homes in the past. Or, at the other end of the spectrum, if you’re a devotee of this housing style, you could be struggling to carry out updates that are sympathetic to the home’s original style and layout. Today’s post hopes to provide some interiors inspiration for those looking at giving an old terraced house some care and attention to help it be the best it can be.

Open plan living

Perhaps the most common renovation carried out in old-style terraced housing is the opening up of at least part of the downstairs living space. If you like the more open, airy layouts of modern homes, this may be something you could get on board with. Blending the dining room and kitchen or living room and dining room, or even all three areas, can be a practical choice in more compact homes. Smaller separate rooms can make it difficult to accommodate furniture or the equipment and toys that comes with having children. However, carrying out this kind of update can often mean sacrificing period features that don’t fit with the look and has the potential to leave a downstairs space looking and feeling unbalanced space compared to an upstairs with multiple bedrooms. With this type of update, beauty is therefore most definitely in the eye of the beholder.

Extend into the yard

Two up, two down and a toilet out the back was the formula for thousands of terraced homes housing working class families. The toilet in the yard outback often nestled with the coal house. As bathrooms moved indoors some families chose to clear this space to make way for leisure and outdoor activities while others linked it up with the house to create more living space. If you’ve a yard out the back you can afford to reduce in size a little, could building a galley kitchen, separate utility space or downstairs bathroom make your life a little easier? Perhaps you’d like to build a dedicated playroom for the kids? Depending on the layout of your home and granting of planning permission, you may even be able to extend over the top of such additions, giving you the option of a bigger family bathroom, maximised bedroom space or a quirky little office nook.

If you don’t want to part with your outdoor space permanently but would like to make more use of it, how about adding a gate or up and over garage door to magic up some private parking? Terraced rows of houses often have narrow streets, which can make parking difficult and lead to strained relations with the neighbours. Off-street parking is always a big selling point when it comes to selling properties too – is it the simple update your home needs?

A better view out back

Some terraced homes boast both a yard and a garden, which gives so many more update options. If you love to spend days together in the garden or want to bring a little more light into your downstairs living areas, bi-fold doors are a modern trend that can fit snugly inside a property of this type, providing you get the look right. If your traditional terraced house retains features like the original wooden doors, skirting boards and fireplace UPVc bi-folds probably won’t appeal. If you’d enjoy the convenience and pleasure of being able to watch the little ones play in the garden or you’d like your indoors to flow better into your garden space for socialising such as summer barbecues, this may be an update to add to your list.

If you’d like further inspiration for a transforming a seemingly ordinary terraced home into something that suits your needs perfectly, this story of a student who created his own perfect university digs certainly has some unusual ideas.

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