A holiday to the Caribbean is most people’s idea of an amazing getaway. Beautiful white beaches and crystal blue water, wonderful weather and a relaxed atmosphere all make for an incredible holiday. However, they also make for a very expensive holiday. You might need to consider somewhere a bit cheaper but if you’re clever about it, you can stretch to a Caribbean paradise for the week. Here are a few tips to help you save the money you need, and cut the costs while you’re there.

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Set Up A Separate Account

One of the best ways to make sure that you don’t start dipping into your savings is to set up a separate account for your holiday fund. Look at your finances and work out how much you can afford to put aside and make sure that you stick to it every month. The savings will soon add up and if you are strict with yourself and don’t touch it, it will take less time than you think before you can jet off to a tropical island.

Cut Energy Bills

Energy bills tend to be our biggest expense and even though they can’t be avoided completely, you’re probably paying more than you need to be. If you compare energy with Selectra then you could find a much cheaper tariff and all of those savings can go straight into your holiday fund.   

Stop Useless Spending

There are so many things that we spend money on every day that we just don’t need to. Buying new clothes that we don’t really need, or buying expensive lunches when we’ve got food at home. These small costs can add up to thousands of dollars every year and that’s all money that you could be spending on a holiday instead.

Now that you’ve made the savings, you need to make them go further by getting your Caribbean holiday as cheap as possible.

Choosing An Island

There are plenty of islands in the Caribbean, all with something great to offer, but some are a lot cheaper to fly to than others. San Juan is one of the cheapest ones to get to because there are more regular flights going there. Compared with some of the more expensive ones, you could be saving up to two hundred dollars per ticket which is a massive help when you’re on a budget.

When To Go

Obviously, you’d ideally want to go in the height of summer but I think we all know that’s going to cost way more. If you’re really struggling to get the money together then why not consider visiting during the off-season. The weather will still be a lot nicer than it is at home and the savings will be massive.

You should also check the flights on different days. It might not be as practical for you if you’re flying in the early hours in the middle of the week, but at this point, you can’t afford to be fussy. Ticket prices fluctuate wildly so keep an eye on them for a few weeks before booking and work out what the cheapest days to fly on are.

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