Since the most recent terror attack at Istanbul airport this week, I have seen a few friends who were concerned about upcoming holidays to Turkey and how safe the area is at present. One friend chose to re-book her holiday, but, I know of at least two other friends who are going to go on holiday as planned and are determined that the attacks won’t stop them.

Holiday baggage courier company Send My Bag recently conducted a survey of 2,500 people to gauge what effect the attacks have had on people travelling this summer.

The survey showed that despite the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and the ongoing warnings about the possibility of attacks on the Euro 2016 football tournament, the research showed that the public remain defiant and that 79% of people would not let ongoing terrorist threats affect their travel plans.

Several top holiday destinations, Spain, France, Germany, Morocco and Algeria, have all recently been classed as “high risk of a terrorist attack” by the Foreign Office. The popular holiday destinations are visited by millions of holidaymakers each year but many have not been put off of visiting.

The survey also revealed that Americans were the most determined with a staggering 88% of the 1,000 Americans surveyed stating they would not change their travel plans. In contrast the Spanish people surveyed were the most nervous with 31% admitting to changing travel plans.

The results can be broken down further to reveal:

  • In the UK over 80% of travellers have not changed their bookings for their European holidays
  • Despite attacks in their capital city, the French are also defiant 75% will not be changing their travel plans
  • As the busiest country for tourists in Europe, the Spanish are not letting the threat of terror attacks put them off travel, 69% will not be changing their plans
  • American travellers we found to be the most defiant a massive 88% stated they would not be changing their European travel plans

Asked further about their thoughts those surveyed said:

“The actions of a minority will not affect my travel plans. I will not be made to feel scared on holiday or allow these people to dictate through fear where I wish to go.”

“They (sic) Terrorists do not put me off travelling, you have much higher chances of dying on the way to the airport than on holiday.”

“If we restrict our travel because of the actions of terrorists, then they have won. The effect on economies around Europe would be more devastating, than a single attack.”

“We have much more heightened security and I’d like to think sharing intel is now much better, that perhaps we are safer now than ever. People are so much more aware and don’t want to be restricted by those wishing us harm.”

Commenting on the findings, Adam Ewart, founder of Send My Bag said:

“Sadly, the threat of a terrorist attack is something we are having to learn how to live with. It seems that we get almost daily reports of either a plan being foiled or an attack being made. This leaves us with two options: either we change our plans and let fear dictate our lives or we make a stand. I am so thrilled to see that some many people feel like I do and will not let these attacks affect their lives. It makes it abundantly clear that terrorism, in any form, will not win.”

If you’re concerned about an upcoming holiday, you can check the government’s foreign travel advice to see if there are any security threats or risks at the location you are travelling to. The most important thing when travelling anywhere is to be vigilant of your surroundings.

Are you holidaying abroad this Summer?

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