Tricking Your Body To Improve Your Fitness

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For a lot of people, the pursuit of fitness feels like a constant uphill battle, with roadblocks and challenges at every turn. From finding the time to go to the gym to enjoying the healthy food you make for yourself, there are loads of things which make this hard. Of course, though, this is for those without the knowledge to trick their body into getting fit for them. To help you out with this, this post will be teaching you some of the best tricks being used by fitness experts all over the world.


  • Losing Weight: For a lot of people, losing weight will be the main reason they have for going to the gym. This part of fitness can be a hard on the master, though you only have to do it once if you manage to go the whole way. Below, you can find two of the best tricks to make this process faster.


Ketosis: When your body can’t get energy from sugars or fats in your diet, it will naturally begin to break down the fat reserves you have on your body. Learning how to achieve ketosis will take some time and research, with a lot of people struggling to do this in a healthy way. You should always avoid rushing a process like this too much. Instead, you should give it the food it needs, while thinking about your diet as a set of aims.

Clever Timing: The time between the meals you eat, when you eat them, and the frequency at which you eat will all make a difference to your fitness. As the biggest of these, a lot of experts recommend that the average person should have at least four meals throughout the day, with size being adjusted to eat the same amount as normal. This is much easier on your body, while also giving you the chance to enjoy greater variety.


  • Gaining Weight: In some cases, the aim won’t be to lose weight, and a lot of people dedicate themselves to the opposite. Of course, though, gaining extra fat isn’t a hard job, and this area is usually reserved for those looking to bulk up their muscle. There are loads of ways to help yourself with this, and you can find one of them below.


Hard Gaining: When lifting weights, a lot of people will simply go for the heaviest they can find and push as hard as they can. While this is good for strength, it isn’t always the best for those trying to get bigger. Instead, starting with a lighter weight and moving higher with each set, you can promote a lot more growth throughout your body. Along with this, working out a large muscle, like your back, shoulders, or legs, will make the smaller ones grow faster, too.


  • Enjoying The Food: Finally, as the last area to consider, a lot of people fail in their fitness journey simply because they don’t have the time to make their diet enjoyable. This doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you’re willing to put the right research into it, and most people have all of the resources they need to get started with this part of their regime.


Clever Flavors: When you’re stuck without fat, sugar, and salt in your diet, it can be hard to find inspiring flavors which satisfy your urges for food. To get around this, additional flavors should be added to food, giving you the chance to explore something different with each meal. Spices are a great way to do this, though some people will prefer to go down the route of using sauces for their foodie enhancements.

Adding Other Elements: Along with adding things to the food directly, a lot of people will find benefit in looking for external elements to bring in, as well. Eating outside, for example, can be much more enjoyable than staying cooped up. Along with this, some people will really like to eat out, and you can find healthy restaurants everywhere, so it’s easy to stick to your diet while enjoying yourself. There’s no better way to inspire yourself than by including something you like in the mix.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, it will start to get a lot easier to trick your body into getting fit. There are loads of ways to do this, with most of them being easier than forcing yourself to the gym each evening. Of course, though, you will still have to dedicate yourself, even if it is easier than your normal routine.

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