We’ve all seen those idyllic interior designs in magazines and wondered how on Earth they managed to make them look so good. To be fair, a lot of it is done on computers these days, but there are real-world ways to make your home look just as good. What’s more many of these styling tips and tricks won’t cost the Earth either. Here’s how to make your home look as good as the magazines.

Use Decorative Tea Towels

One of the things that they love in magazines is anything with a decorative flourish. Rarely will you see plain tea towels folded up on the side in the kitchen. Instead, tea towels will be patterned and designed to add personality, especially if it’s a rustic kitchen.

You can fashionably drape patterned, colored tea towels over the edge of the sink for added effect.

Mix Up Throw Pillow Shapes

If there’s one thing that interior designers love, it’s throw pillows. They use them because they help to make the room feel plush and lived in, and the same time as removing bareness.

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But just throwing a bunch of cushions on the sofa isn’t going to transform your home so that it looks more like it’s right out of a magazine. The next thing you have to do is mix up pillow shapes and sizes a bit. Different textures and sizes are more entertaining for the eye than making them all the same.

Install A Chalkboard

Chalkboards are perfect for writing your inspirational sayings or reminding yourself of your grocery list. Chalkboards can be used in any room to add a bit of your personality to the space. You can even use them for your own artistic doodles.

Make Use Of Tables


If you’ve ever looked at a magazine interior, you’ll have noticed something: interior designers love their tables, whether they’re in the kitchen, the dining room or the lounge. Tables are an excellent way to break up a room as well as display stuff. Great tables also come with drawers on soft close drawer runners for keeping things that you don’t want on display, like multi-socket plug attachments or the TV warranty.

Put Bathroom Necessities In Decorative Trays


Cans of deodorant, toothpaste and shampoo bottles never look great on in bathrooms. You can either hide them away in cupboards, or you can put them in decorative trays and make the most of them. Decorative trays are also often useful for things like candles, makeup, and perfumes.

Use Branches

Some interior designers love the use of plants in their interiors. There’s at least one flash of greenery in most images. But the majority actually prefer to use branches. For whatever reason, they seem more suited to interior spaces than either flowers or leaves.

Branches help to add distinction to a space. They’re gender-neutral too, which help make them appropriate for entire families. What’s more, just like flowers, they add a fresh feeling to the home and instantly add beauty to a table or a side cabinet. Some branches come intertwined with decorative LED fairy lights.

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