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Girls are dreamers, and many of us develop definite ideas about how we want our lives to go. The most astute planners among us will even have made up scrapbooks about those dreams. Life has a habit of taking us ever further from those dreams, though. Circumstances change, and we change too. Maybe the dreams you had when you were young don’t fit with who you are now, or maybe you forgot you had them. If you’ve been feeling a little lost in life lately, those childhood dreams might be just what you need to get things back on track. Take a trip down memory lane to give you a little boost. What better motivation than to remember the things you wanted when you were young?  


The first place to start in your remembrance is your dream career. Every child develops various ideas about what they want to be. Those plans may change through the years, but it’s often our first ideas that we return to in later life. If you’re not happy with your career choice, look back over your younger plans. Try to remember what the first job you wanted to do was. How did that idea make you feel? Think back over the excitement your younger self felt over the prospect of that job. Then, look at your life as it stands. Does the job you once dreamed of fit with your current situation? If yes, take steps to get it! There’s a lot we can learn from our younger selves. Those first career choices were unimpeded by anything but desire. That’s why they might just be the perfect choice for you now.


If it’s your image you’re struggling with, your young self can teach you there too. When we’re young, we dream about all the clothes we would buy if we had the money. Only, when you do have the money, you often still struggle to get the wardrobe of your dreams. Remember the wardrobe plans you had when you were younger. Did you dream of owning a million shoes and a thousand beautiful dresses? Children’s fashion sense can often be strange, so the items you dreamt of are irrelevant. It’s more that excitement that you should aim to get back. Reinvigorate your passion for owning beautiful clothes, then get shopping. Refreshing your wardrobe can make a huge difference to your fashion feelings. And, it doesn’t hurt to reintroduce some of the colours you liked when you were young, either. Black and uninspiring wardrobes can be hard to work with. Don’t be afraid to reintroduce the rainbow to your fashion choices!

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Your younger self probably wouldn’t have been great at applying makeup. After all, practice makes perfect when it comes to finding a style that suits you. Even so, take inspiration from your younger self if you’re feeling uninspired by your makeup bag. Did you dream of having a makeup collection as large as your mum’s when you were young? Take some of that excitement with you when you next stock up your makeup bag. It’s easy to get stuck on the same makeup because you know it works. Don’t be afraid to try new things! How else will you find new things? And remember, don’t be frightened of a little colour!

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Your young self can help you when it comes time for your wedding, too! As you’re sending out those save the date cards, try and remind yourself of the wedding your dreamt of when you were little. If you made a wedding scrapbook (and let’s be honest, many of us did), use that as inspiration. Her wedding day is something every little girl dreams of. It’ll surprise you how many of your young ideas still appeal to you. When you made those plans, there was no pressure. You were free to dream. Plans are often much better when they’re not made under pressure. Let your younger self have a say in your wedding day by taking inspiration from what she wanted.


The family is the big one that we all dream of from early in life. If you’re having a hard time at home, remember how badly you wanted a family of your own when you were young. How many times did you play Mummy and Daddies in the playground? Hold onto that desire and make your family as happy as it can be. You owe it to your younger self; she’s helped you through a lot, after all!

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