Turning your Garden into a Wildlife Haven

I love watching animals come and go in our garden. Maxx and I often sit at the window to see what animals we can spot. So far we have seen a squirrel, lots of birds and lots of different bugs and spiders.

It’s easier than you think to attract wildlife to your garden and you don’t need a huge garden. I have put together some helpful tips below to get you started and in no time you will hopefully have a whole host of wildlife visiting your garden.

Attracting insects

To attract insects to your garden try creating an insect hotel! Insects like to be in cool dark places so putting your hotel in a shady spot is essential. Creating an insect hotel is easy and it can be free if you use items around your garden. You can use bricks, plant pots, twigs, foliage, dried wood, leaves and dried grass. Insect hotels can be a haven for lots of different species, give it a try and see what insects you can get in your hotel.

Attracting birds to you garden

You can encourage wild birds to visit your garden by installing bird feeders and filling them with wild bird seeds. Ensure the bird feeders are in a safe and quiet location. Providing drinking water and a bird bath are other ways you can attract birds to your garden, try adding stones to the bird bath to give the birds somewhere to perch when bathing and again try positioning it in a safe location where birds can fly away easily or hide in a nearby area if they see a predator. Adding a bird box is another lovely way to bring birds to your garden year on year as it provides a safe nesting area for them.

Attracting small mammals

Letting a small area of your garden grow wild will encourage different types of insects and small creatures to visit as it provides them with somewhere to hide. It doesn’t have to be in the middle of your garden behind a shed would be perfect. If you have a fenced garden small mammals might find it difficult to get into your garden, try removing a small bit of fencing at the bottom to give the animals a way into your garden.

Encouraging wildlife into your garden is something we should all do after all we have taken away a lot of their natural habitat by building on it. It’s a great feeling knowing you are helping local wildlife by giving them somewhere safe to visit. It’s easy and in a lot of cases free too so what are you waiting for. Try some of the suggestions above and see what wildlife you can attract to your garden.

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