Do you fancy doing something a bit different for your holiday next year? It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut. We find our favourite resorts and keep going back, year on year. Well, where’s your sense of adventure? Why not come home from your holiday feeling as though you’ve achieved something and enjoyed a change of pace, rather than just feeling relaxed and slightly bitter about being home. Step outside of your comfort zone and really experience the world.

Sleep underwater

Underwater hotels are starting to spring up all over the globe, and I have to admit, they look ridiculously cool. The Manta Resort on Pemba Island in Tanzania offers a three story, floating bedroom off the coast. The middle floor is at sea level and makes up the lounge and bathroom, and the floor above is a relaxation area for catching rays in the day and stargazing at night. But the best thing is the bedroom, with 360-degree views of the underwater world. At nighttime the lights from the cabin attract shyer sea creatures so that you can catch a glimpse of some incredible animals. Not for the faint-hearted, this breath-taking underwater bedroom is like sleeping on another planet.

Stay in the woods

If you’re more of a fan of cooler climates, a log cabin in the snowy woods of the Arctic Circle can make a beautiful, exciting, and romantic dream holiday destination. Artisan Holidays offer idyllic cabins all across Scandinavia and Northern Canada, in stunning locations. Spend your days husky sledding, ice fishing, and having snowball fights, and come home to a roaring fire and fresh cooked local fish or reindeer.

Live in a yurt

The Mongolian wilderness is truly breathtaking, and still mostly untouched by industry. Stone Horse offer the experience of a lifetime – staying with a herder family in a yurt, and living life as the Mongolians do. Pass the time by helping the locals with their tasks, such as herding sheep, milking cattle, and travel to market by horse. The system helps bring money into their local economy and allows Westerners to learn more about the traditional people of the Darkhid Valley. This trip is absolutely perfect for the ecotourists among us.

Trek with camels

The vastness of the Sahara is a sight to behold, and something everyone should experience in their lifetimes. A desert tour with camels and guides is the safest and most traditional way to traverse the deadly landscape and see the wilderness in all its glory. Sahara Desert Tour takes people on one-day trips all the way up to full eight-day excursions, with camping and city stops and access to incredible food. If you’re a fan of warmer climates and fancy a bit of an adventure, this is definitely for you.

Whatever you plan for your holiday for 2017, make sure you experience something new, whether it’s a new destination, a new type of accommodation, or just try the local cuisine.

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