Vet’s Kitchen Cat Food Review #REVOLUTIONARYCATS

Vet's Kitchen Cat Food Review 2016

As a pet owner, one of the things I find hard is choosing the best food for Rua. I have grown up with pets and where our cats are concerned they have always received a mixture of wet and dry food. I carried this on when I got Rua, not really sure if that was the best thing for her. I’m also guilty of overfeeding her.

I have never measured portions for Rua, or weighed her food according to her weight. I simply feed her when she asks to be fed. I know, I know. I’m breaking the cardinal pet owners rule number 1, but her little face guilt trips me into thinking she’s really hungry. However, I know cats can be greedy and will eat, and eat, and eat. That’s why I was pleased when Vet’s Kitchen got in touch to introduce me to their cat food range and ask us to take part in their “Healthy Cat Food Challenge”.

I was already aware of Vet’s Kitchen, they are local to me and I have used their Vet’s Klinic service. In fact, Rua was Spayed at their clinic and our previous cat was vaccinated and neutered there. Their service was great and if I remember correctly, both cats received a packet of Vet’s Kitchen treats – which they loved!

Vet’s Kitchen is taking a stand against traditional dry cat food, which on average contains only 30% protein and is also full of carbohydrates. Many traditional dry cat foods use meat meal, only 3/4 of the protein is digestible. Did you know that cat’s don’t need carbs? I didn’t. Due to their meat-rich diet, cats have evolved with a relatively short digestive tract which is unsuitable for fermenting plant bacteria. A diet rich in carbohydrates can lead to low energy, excessive weight gain, poor coat quality, urinary tract issues and other symptoms that can be avoided with the correct diet.

Vet’s Kitchen put all of their knowledge and expertise to use and set about revolutionising the dry cat food industry in the UK, much to the delight of cats everywhere. Vet’s Kitchen’s Ultra Fresh Cat Food range is the first dry cat food in the UK that contains ultra-high levels of fresh meat (60%), the fresh meat has been slowly cooked using a new patented process which makes 96% of the protein digestible and locks in all of the nutrients.

I love my cat. I want her to lead a happy, healthy and long life, which is why I’m so glad Vet’s Kitchen came along and made me realise I need to pay closer attention to her diet. It’s no longer about feeling bad and giving her what I think she wants, it’s about giving her what her body needs – good food.

Vet's Kitchen #revolutionarycats


We were sent two months supply of the award-winning cat food for Rua to try and to see what effect this would have on her overall health.

I was a little concerned that Rua wouldn’t accept the change to her diet and that she would miss the wet food, however, I was pleasantly surprised. As soon as I put the biscuits in her bowl she was straight over to sample her new food and she hasn’t seemed to miss the wet food at all. This tells me she’s getting everything she needs from the Vet’s Kitchen range.

Although I can’t say if there was any improvement to Rua’s health, because she was healthy and happy before the challenge, as a pet owner I was definitely happier knowing the Vet’s Kitchen food was giving her everything she needs to stay healthy. One thing I did notice, was that her fur looked shinier and she didn’t have as much dandruff as he normally has.

If you would like to take a look at the Vet’s Kitchen range for yourself and give the products a try you can more details on the Vet’s Kitchen website.

And to end, here is a couple of photos of Rua doing her two favourite things, sleeping and sunbathing. Isn’t she cute?!

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