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Sometimes we need to work from home. Some more than others. As a blogger I often find myself working on new projects and campaigns from the comfort of my home. This is sometimes when a home office would be a great thing to have. It’s much easier to be pro-active if you are somewhere specifically work. Much like you do if you head out to an office or workplace each day. But working from home isn’t always the easy option some would have you believe. It requires a great motivation and work ethic. Otherwise, you may end up sitting around drinking tea and eating biscuits all day. So with that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can create a home office designed to make you work that little bit harder. The harder you work, the harder you can play.

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Think about your desk set up

Your desk set up is important. It needs to be a functional space that ticks all the boxes. This might mean you need a space for a computer or laptop. Or a place to write or be creative doing something more artistic. The fact is, if your desk doesn’t suit the requirements of the work then you are less likely to use the space correctly.

Try and think about what you need. It might be difficult to imagine so the best advice would be to make a list of everything you would need in easy reach. Also a separate list for what you would use it for. This will allow you to determine the best setup for your new home office.

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What furniture do you need in the office

The next thing to consider would be other furniture that you need in there. Do you require shelves to store things on? Or more specific a bookcase to house your book collection. Do you need any drawers for storing things like stationary? Again it is about being proactive and making a note of what you need your room to do for you. If it happens to have an element of storing other things, then make sure you add relevant storage solutions. The last thing you want is to clutter up your home office space. This is where you can make problems for yourself. Some people find it very difficult to work and concentrate when they are surrounded by messy areas.

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Consider your lighting

The lighting of your home office is very important. While it would be recommended to get as much natural light in as possible, sometimes that isn’t always the case. If you do have a big window, utilise it and let the light into your home office as much as possible. Daylight allows us to keep alert and concentrate harder. If you are struggling then consider ceiling lights to add as much light to your new home office as possible.

Lighting is very important, so also consider a lovely desk light to highlight the area you are working in. This could help when it comes to writing or doing jobs that require more detail. You can get some funky looking lights for the ceiling and desk. It could match up with any theme and be a great styled look for your home office.

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Motivational quotes can work wonders

Who doesn’t love a motivational quote to get them in the mood for work? But the truth is having these around your room could help you work that bit harder. Some people like them on their desk on display while others may opt for big prints on the walls. Choose your quotes carefully. Make sure they mean something to you an resonate with you in some way. You want to feel motivated.

Style up the room to create an inspirational space

Styling a room can make it quote inspirational. Especially for the more creative types. So consider your colour choices along with any theme you may have. Some people like to stick with up and coming trends. Monochrome is a very popular choice at the moment along with pastel shades for the Summer. Think about the thing syou love and the colours that inspire you. Also, it can quite quickly turn into a special place for you to relax in and be yourself, so make sure it works for you.

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Consider your comfort

Finally, consider how comfortable you feel. So make sure your office chair is suitable along with any soft furnishings you wish to add. Things like cushions can make your chairs more comfortable. These are great for styling the room and bring your colour or them alive.

I hope this has inspired you to create an amazing home office space.

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