Wasgij Studio Tour Puzzle – Review


I can’t remember the last time I sat down and completed a jigsaw puzzle, however something I do remember is how much I used to enjoy doing them.

I spend a lot of time working online which means having some down time away from technology is lovely, so when I was recently sent the new 1,500 piece Wasgij puzzle to try out I was really looking forward to getting stuck in and completing it. I had heard of wasgij puzzles before but wasn’t aware of the concept behind them, it certainly makes for a more challenging puzzle but a lot more fun too.

So what is the concept? Well with a traditional puzzle you have a picture of the completed jigsaw on the box to reference when building it, with Wasgij puzzles there are no pictures of the finished puzzle only clues as to what the finished puzzle depicts! I told you it was a fun concept!

Wasgij recently launched the first ever 1,500 piece Wasgij puzzle – Wasgij Original 22: Studio Tour (pictured above). The image depicted on the box shows a new tourist attraction being opened, you can see the tourists on the open top bus and the many tourists taking photographs of the attraction. The only thing you don’t see is what that attraction is, that’s your job as the puzzler to put together the puzzle and find out what the new attraction is and what everyone on the box is looking at.

Of course my nephew Maxx wanted to join in when he saw the puzzle and was shocked that it had 1,500 pieces. The first thing we did was to pick out all of the edge pieces and put the other pieces to the side so we could build the edge of the puzzle first – that’s how everyone does a puzzle right?!

So with a little help (thanks Ashley and Maxx) the edge of the puzzle was almost completed in around an hour, although I came across a small problem. I had too many edge pieces (how did that happen?), I knew that there weren’t actually too many edge pieces but I had obviously not completed the puzzle correctly and this is half the fun its trial and error. I had to find out where I had gone wrong and fix it.

I managed to fix the edge after much umming and ahhing but then I was on to the middle which took much more effort, I had to come up with a plan. I went through the box and found any patterns, signs or anything that had more than one piece and started putting those together and working on like that until I had completed the puzzle. It took me around a week to complete the puzzle spending a couple of hours on it a day (with a little help) and it really was a lot of fun to complete. I can’t share the finished puzzle with you as I don’t want to spoil it for others but the finished article looks great and I really enjoyed the challenge.

Not only did it give me a much needed break from technology but it definitely got me thinking and using my brain! Maxx also really enjoyed getting involved and I think a new Wasgij puzzle will be on my Christmas wish list for this year, I think I’m hooked!

The Wasgij Studio Tour puzzle has an rrp of £14.99. You can find news, hints and tips by visiting

Fun Fact: Did you know Wasgij is Jigsaw backwards? Clever isn’t it!


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