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Ways To Put Together A Personal Style

To many, shopping and dressing from store mannequins is no way to create a personal style. Sure, it’s convenient, but it doesn’t reflect who you truly are.  

So, just how do you develop your own personal style? Below, we give you a few steps to get started. 

Figure out what makes you happy. 

The most important step is to determine what really makes you happy? When you walk into a shop, what stands out to you? Which colours really pop? What items in your wardrobe do you tend to wear the most? This is an important step, but it’s also an easy one since it’s all about your favourite things. 

What makes you feel sensational? 

You know that little black dress that hugs your figure perfectly and makes you feel like a million bucks? Or those skinny jeans you wish you could live in? Those are like your safety nets when you want to look and feel like a rock star. 

Whether it’s an LBD, a scruffy pair of pants, or a floor-length ball gown, figure out what makes you feel like you’re ready for the red carpet. You can get 2018 short homecoming dresses from Peaches Boutique. 

What doesn’t do it for you? 

What exactly do you not like? This is probably a pretty easy question to answer. You may not like the minimalist look, you may balk at BoHo chic, or that LBD number may make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. Figuring out what you don’t like can help you narrow down your choices. 

Define your signature style 

Think of stars who have a signature item – whether it’s oversized sunglasses or an arm filled to the top with bangles, or those sexy bodycon dresses. All these people have one big thing in common – their signature item. Whether it’s a colour palette, a theme that makes people associate it with them, or an accessory – it’s something that defines their personal style. 

Maybe you love wearing rings on every finger, super-high heels, or gorgeous, figure-hugging dresses. The choice is yours. Having a signature piece can also help tie your overall look together and help you feel more complete and put together. 

Integrate trends  you don’t have to follow them 

Believe it or not, trends can do more harm than good for your personal style. If you spend your time chasing trends and only wearing what’s “hot” on the carpet or social media, it’s not truly your very own personal style. Rather than looking like a walking trend report for the current season, try to integrate a few components into your personal style. If you don’t like a trend – don’t use it! 

When it comes to designing your personal style, it’s all about the things you like, that work well together, to create a well put-together look that leaves you feeling – and looking – absolutely sensational. It’s what will help boost your confidence and ensure you know exactly what suits you and your style. 

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