What Grinds My Gears

I have been tagged by Helen over at Mummy to the Max in this fun meme. This is my first blog post of this kind so please bare with me! Firstly I’d like to say grab a cuppa and get comfy this might take a while!
Here’s what really winds me up:
-Finding an empty packet in the cupboard!
-Finding a style of shoe I like in the sale but there are none in my size.
-Waiting too long to decide if I really need an item in the sale only to wait too long and it sells out, then deciding I really did need it.
-My TV telling me I have 60 seconds before it will turn itself off. If I wanted to turn it off I would! I still haven’t read the instructions to see if I can stop it.
-The fact our bin seems to always be so full and if the lid is slightly open they won’t take it.
-When I hoover I always find fluff and dirt as soon as I’ve put it away.
-When I really want a certain thing to eat only to realise I don’t have all the ingredients to make it.
-When I get the first mark on a new pair of shoes.
-The postman opening our door then knocking! Grr
-The cat moving his food bowl all over the kitchen and playing with his biscuits.
-Any kind of spam really winds me up.
I am the type of person who doesn’t get annoyed easily, I try to see the best in everything so was surprised that I quickly came up with lots of things that wind me up. Maybe I’m kidding myself and I get more annoyed than I think!

The rules of this meme are to tag the creator and the person who tagged me.

The lovely lady behind this idea is:
I am tagging the following people 🙂

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