What millennials really want from their office environment

I’m a millennial and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I have a friend who was born during the millennial generation but refuses to accept that term and thinks millennials are a bit wishy-washy.

There’s a lot that has been said about our generation in the media, much of it has been negative but I think we have a lot going for us! We might be known as the ‘snowflake generation’ but we’re also one of the first generations that grew up with technology and social media, I also like to think we’re a tolerant and free-thinking generation.

By 2020 millennials will comprise 50% of the UK’s workforce. As workers, we are loyal, hard-working and can navigate technology effectively but compared with older generations our needs within the workplace are different.

In fact, a recent survey of over 1,500 office staff between ages 18 and 65, by online office agency Free office finder revealed some interesting findings between different generations.

When most people consider the top priorities when looking for a job, many people will list their salary as the most important aspect but for Millennials, the office environment is the top priority. The survey revealed that the office environment is rated top for Millennials above salary, location, flexible working and benefits. For baby boomers, Generation X and Generation Z, the top priorities are salary, location, benefits, flexible working, and the office environment is at the bottom of their priorities.

Below are the findings from the Free Office Finder survey. I find it really interesting to see how priorities have changed over the generations.

Millennial Rankings

  • Office environment – 33%
  • Salary – 24%
  • Location – 23%
  • Flexible working – 11%
  • Benefits – 9%

Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Z

  • Salary – 28%
  • Location – 25%
  • Benefits – 19%
  • Flexible working – 15%
  • Office environment – 13%

Personally, the office environment is high on my list of priorities too, nobody wants to be uncomfortable in a place they’re going to spend a lot of time and I think many employers now realise that a happy workforce is a productive workforce so improving the workplace is of benefit to them too.

There are a lot of amazing workplaces around the world, the likes of Google, Selgas Cano Architecture Office, Inventionland Design Factory and Youtube are just a few of the desirable office environments many millennials (including myself) would love to work at.

A few years ago the office environment was a dull bland affair but things have changed drastically since then with many companies improving the office environment by creating an open plan, airy spaces with a lot of natural light and items such as standing desks, greenery and natural decor.

Some companies have even taken things a step further and created game rooms, workout spaces, relaxation areas, there’s even a slide in the Google office. Who wants to take the stairs when there’s a slide?!

What are your top requirements when it comes to the workplace?

*This is a collaborative post.

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