What’s in your first aid kit?


Do you have a first aid kit? Accidents happen so it’s important to be as prepared as possible, if you have children in the house you probably already know the importance of having a first aid kit.

If you don’t have a first aid kit or aren’t sure what items should be included I have made a list of basic first aid items that you should keep in your kit – just in case.

A basic first aid kit should consist of:

  • a first aid booklet
  • plasters in varying sizes
  • tweezers
  • gauze dressings
  • triangular bandages
  • a sling
  • saline
  • scissors
  • antiseptic wipes/cream
  • adhesive tape
  • gloves
  • a thermometer
  • antihistamine tablets/syrup
  • safety pins
  • activated charcoal
  • aspirin

Our first aid kit is kept in our top cupboard out of the way of Maxx but to hand should we need it. Which I’m sure we will at some point, it’s more likely to be needed for me than Maxx though. I’m quite accident prone.

As a child I had the usual bumps and bruises from playing but I also managed to fracture my wrist 7 times (it could be more, I’ve lost count), I was bitten by a friends dog, got a scar on my hand from a glass bracelet and that’s just a small selection of the accidents I’ve had – I did tell you I was accident prone.

I even managed to have a work accident on my first day working in a chip shop (my first job). Sadly the job only lasted half a day, well actually it was more like an hour if I’m completely honest. I wasn’t terrible at the job, I wasn’t rude and I didn’t just walk out. I was being the dutiful assistant and preparing the salad for the kebab filling using a slicer (a bit like a big cheese grater) when I got a bit enthusiastic and cut into my finger. It wasn’t a horrific injury but it was bad enough, I managed to slice off a tiny bit off the tip of my thumb. Luckily I only ended up with a tiny scar on the tip of my thumb and even I have to look carefully to find it now.

It goes to show accidents happen easily and usually when you least expect them so it never does any harm being prepared and having a first aid kit ready.

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