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The joy of romping around on a sandy beach with your four-legged furry friend can be unsurpassable. With the wind blowing in your hair, wet sand, the smell of seaweed and the cry of seagulls, it’s no wonder that dogs love going to the beach.

East Sussex is home to some of the best beaches in the UK, some of which welcome dogs without any restrictions whatsoever.

Here are the top 3 dog-friendly beaches in the area which are guaranteed to provide endless entertainment to you and your dogs.

1 – Cooden Beach, Bexhill

Cooden beach is a quiet beach in the village of Bexhill-on-Sea. As a typical beach in Sussex, it offers a long shoreline filled with shingle which is separated by groynes. However, during low tides sandy flats can become clearly visible so if you plan on taking your best friend for a much-deserved vacation, then this is the best time to do so.

Dogs and their love for wet sand is legendary – plan your trip accordingly to ensure that you and your dog get the best possible experience. Most importantly, this is one of the few East Sussex dog friendly beaches which you can get on all year round, regardless of the weather.

Cooden beach also offers a number of activities for you. While your dog enjoys chasing after seagulls, you can try your hand at kite surfing or jet-skiing, or simply take a long walk around the shoreline. Getting here is also extremely easy as the train station adjoins the beach. For those who prefer arriving by car, the beach front offers free parking.

Other facilities offered at Cooden beach include dog bins, campsites, a caravan park, first aid, toilet facilities, etc. Moreover, the beach also has special facilities for the disabled. Cooden beach is also the winner of the Quality Coast Award and is recommended by the Marine Conservation Society.

2 – West Quay Beach, Newhaven

Hidden behind the western breakwater, the West Quay beach in Newhaven is a sand and shingle beach. This is one of few beaches in East Sussex which have no restrictions on dogs and are open all year round. Other than splashing around in the water, there are numerous activities which you can enjoy with your dog on this beach. These include taking a trip to the Newhaven Fort which is situated on the cliffs with tunnels leading down to the beach, taking long walks and letting your dog run free.

Other activities offered by the West Quay beach include fishing, canoeing, kayaking, snorkelling, diving, water skiing, wind surfing, etc. The beach also features car parking, a cafe and a slipway. The beach can be easily accessed from the Newhaven town centre. You can view a map of the town here. There is also a train station approximately 15 minutes away from the beach. However, as there are no dog bins on this beach, it is important for dog owners to remember not to leave soiled plastic bags on the beach.

3 – Normans Bay Beach, Pevensey

Normans Bay beach is a popular spot with a wide-open shoreline. Typical of other beaches in East Sussex, this part of the coast is also filled with pebbles and shingles during high tide while sandy patches can be seen during low tide. This is the perfect beach to take your dog to. The beach offers numerous fun-filled activities such as fishing, sailing, kite surfing and windsurfing. You can take long walks on the beach with your dog or splash around in the water – your furry friend is guaranteed to love every minute spent on this beach. What’s more, the Normans Bay railway station is also a short walk from the beach so getting there should not be a problem.

While these are the top 3 dog friendly beaches, East Sussex offers many other options for spending a perfect day at the beach. These include the Camber Sands Beach in Rye, Eastbourne – Wish Tower to Pier Beach in Eastbourne, Bexhill Beach in Bexhill, Salt dean Beach in Brighton, etc.

However, it is important to remember that these beaches might have certain restrictions on dogs such as restricted zones, restricted times, etc. Hence, before planning a trip with your furry friend, don’t forget to check each beach for further details and any restrictions.

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