Why it’s important to insure your pets


I have had pets for as long as I can remember, to me they are part of the family and as such they are loved by us all. My first pet was a cat called Lacey, I had badgered my parents for months to let me get one and finally they gave in and the cutest bundle of fluff you have ever seen was waiting for me for my 10th birthday. She had a peach coloured diamond on her head and was such a gentle, cuddly cat, perfect in every way. Sadly when Lacey was a kitten she would wander quite far and would often follow us when taking the dogs for a walk, she once got stuck about 60ft up a tree and had to be rescued, she was an adventurous little thing.

Sadly a disgusting excuse for a human shot her with an air rifle (Hopefully karma has caught up with them!) when she was very young. The first we knew about it was when we let her in the house after coming back from town, she came in and was sick so my mum picked her up and put her outside. When she put her down she realised there was blood on her hands so we had to rush her to the vets where she had to undergo major surgery. Thankfully she survived but it was touch and go for a good month. Unfortunately for us back then pet insurance wasn’t something that was commonplace so we didn’t have any for Lacey and had to pay for the hefty vet bill.

Now pet insurance is really common and something I would highly suggest for pets, you never know what’s round the corner but it’s comforting to know that with pet insurance you don’t have to worry about huge vet bills if the unthinkable does happen.

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