When the word apprenticeship is thrown around so often, we tend to think about students fresh from school who’re looking for an alternative route to education. We think of labour work such as engineering and building/construction, maybe even hairdressing and beauty for the girls. What we probably don’t think about are the new apprenticeships that are currently on the rise, the IT apprenticeships you can now take on and even the fashion and retail routes you can go down as opposed to the typical education routes that were once pushed onto us.

Apprenticeships have come a long way recently, and are a much more popular option to what they once were. We’ve pulled together a list of the three top reasons why you should consider taking on an apprenticeship.

1. Set yourself apart

If you’ve been stuck in a position for a long time and you’re looking to progress but lack a specific qualification, an apprenticeship could be a great way to get there. Whether you’re keen to suggest it to your manager as a way of getting to a higher level, or you’re just starting out in your career and looking for the best routes to go down as opposed to committing to a full time education curriculum.

2. Get ahead in an industry

Apprenticeships are great ways of showing how committed you are towards a particular field. Not only does it involve studying for a subject, but it means you’re also working hands on in that field as well. In most cases, employee’s go on to offering their apprentices full time jobs after the course is finished. If this isn’t the case however, it will certainly leave you shining out against your employees and give you that head start you desire.

3. Potential to gain a job 

As touched upon in the above point, an apprenticeship is the perfect way of showing your employees how committed you are to performing well in a particular field. Taking on something that is so demanding and hands on speaks for itself in terms of commitment levels to get ahead.

If this seems like a route for you, then be sure to do your research into the industry you’re interested in to boost your chances of getting there. There’s so many different sites around that offer career advice and help, so take advantage of that.

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