The word ‘antique’ doesn’t have the best connotations. It conjures up images of dusty pieces of dated furniture. Whilst antique furniture may have temporarily gone out of fashion, like all trends this is only fleeting. Antiques are no longer just for the antiquated. The benefits of buying historic furnishings far outweigh the negatives. Here are some of the reasons we should be buying antiques, and some helpful pointers about sourcing the right ones.

They Tell A Story

When we look to transform our home we often choose modern designs and furnishings to make our interiors look updated. Whilst modern design is all about clean lines and muted colours, antiques have a far richer history. They may be battered and bruised but antique furniture tells a story. These emblems of the past evoke bygone generations and people. By adding antiques to a room we not only reflect on history but also respect it. Not to mention it adds a sense of theatricality and intrigue!

The Quality and Green Credentials!

Antiques are, on the whole, very well made. Unlike the furniture of today, most of it would have been made by hand. This was the norm, rather than an expensive perk. Antiques have already withstood the test of time if you come across them today. In addition, any marks or knocks only add to the character of the piece- so you don’t need to be too precious when cleaning them! Antiques are also environmentally friendly. Rather than commissioning new pieces you are recycling and reusing existing furniture. It’s important to invest in pre-existing pieces of craftsmanship. The alternative is buying cheap, and environmentally costly, furniture you’re likely to throw away due to poor quality.

They’re a Good Investment

Antiques can be a great investment for the future. Of course, you should always buy a piece of furniture because you love it and think it’ll it in your home. However, the right piece can be worth a lot of money years down the line. If you want to buy antiques that could be worth something make sure you purchase from a reputable dealer. Look out for furniture which is in its original condition. Restored furniture won’t be worth as much as untouched pieces. Even if you don’t sell your antiques, they’re a nice heirloom for future generations. Antiques will only gain value as long as they’re looked after properly.

They Won’t Go Out Of Style

You won’t have to get rid of an antique because it’s no longer the hot trend. Most contemporary rooms can benefit from the injection of energy and personality that an antique offers. Driscoll’s website has a whole range of antiques that could add an eclectic feel to your living room. The contrast of eras, textures, and style is a good thing! Old can help to put new into perspective, and vice versa.

Antiques Can Be Bought For Bargain Prices

There is a common misconception that because antiques are old, and can be valuable, they are expensive. This isn’t always the case. Some dealers are more than happy to discount pieces, especially if they need restoring. Similarly, antiques are worth more to collectors, so no matter what you spend, they could be sold for a profit. It’s also worth seeing if there is a discount for paying in cash. Some independant dealer may prefer this method of payment and drop the price.

They’re Practical

On a less exciting, but equally valid point, antiques usually serve a purpose. Today’s furniture can sometimes be style over substance. How many of us are guilty of buying things that look great, but serve no real purpose. Antiques were crafted in a time when furniture was to be used. Desks had drawers and were large enough to write on. Cabinets were also large and spacious. So buying antiques could save you some space and be a practical, as well as a beautiful, addition to a room.

Don’t be fooled by shows like Antiques Roadshow. Antiques aren’t just for older people. Breathe some new life into your home with some old furniture!  If you are buying antiques the best place to go is auction houses or reputable antique shops. Buying online is fraught with difficulty. You really do need to see an antique yourself. That way you can inspect any damage, get a feel for the furniture, and haggle down the price!

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