A lot of people are so focused on seeing something they’ve never seen before, they’re willing to spend hundreds of pounds flying all across the world from it. However, a lot of people fail to really take into account just what Great Britain has to offer. The weather might not always be the best, but it’s time to take stock and recognise the country as having some of the greatest vacation ideas of all.

Natural beauty like none-other

Britain has some of the greatest preserved natural beauty sites in the whole world. That’s no understatement and, given the way the world is developing, it’s becoming a precious rarity, too. One of the most relaxing of all our protected areas of natural beauty is the Lake District. From enjoying a pleasant day out on the water to breath-taking hikes through woods and over great mountains, you can have the wild kind of adventure that makes unforgettable memories. You don’t necessarily have to trek the Sahara or climb the Alps.

Plenty of adventure

Some people want a sense of adventure, of ‘travel’ on their travels. They want to see a diversity of sights in a diversity of climates. You might be a backpacker, you might be a cyclist, but you don’t have to cross the channel to get that adventure. Here, we have an adventure such as Lands end to John O Groats, a long-held tradition that nowadays sees hundreds of people cycling, walking, and driving the longest route from one end of the country to the other. You’ll see mountains, rolling hills, giant lakes, and miles and miles of great coast. There are few trips that make you so proud to be in such a rich country.

One of the single best metropolitan cities in the world

London is nothing to sniff at if you want to be in a city that has all the international glamour and liveliness you could hope for. There is always something going on in the city, but perhaps the best time to make the trip is around Christmas. Few places feel quite as festive in the winter months thanks to the Winter Wonderland, the Christmas markets and the rather new addition of the winter trail at Kew Gardens.

A history of many peoples

If you prefer giving your brain a bit more to do on holiday, you might be keen to visit some places of historical significance as well. Some of the trips mentioned above will already give you the chance to see historical landmarks like the Tower of London or Muncaster Castle. But there’s a variety of history in there, not just of the stereotypical British identity, as well. For instance, the Roman Baths of Bath are well worth visiting just to remember that once the island played some major roles in the history of the world’s most famous ancient empire. It’s also one of the few places in the world you can actually get the experience of seeing an ancient Roman bath full of water. You can’t even get that in Rome, anymore.

In Great Britain alone, there are plenty of trips to make worth of the bucket-list. Besides those mentioned, there’s Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, Snowdon, the Moors, and so on. Don’t feel like you have to miss out just because you won’t be getting on a jet plane this year.

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