Why You MUST Visit Ireland At Least Once

If you’ve never considered visiting Ireland before, you need to reconsider your priorities! Ireland is an absolutely amazing place to visit, and not just because the accent is so much fun to listen to and imitate! Plus, it isn’t that far when you compare it to travelling abroad. It’s a no brainer! These pointers will help you to see why Ireland should be at the top of your bucket list:


See Some Amazing Castles

There are some amazing castles in Ireland. You can barely get away from them, but that doesn’t make them any less amazing! They are eery, beautiful, haunting, and stunning all at the same time. If you want to get a sense of ireland’s history, then visiting the castles is a must.

Drink Real Guinness

Some people will say this is rubbish, but you can try real Guinness is Ireland – not the rubbish stuff that everywhere else serves! This is true if you’re visiting Dublin especially. The Guinness Storehouse is in Dublin, which means that Irish Guinness drinkers get to drink the fresh stuff. It really does taste better! Plus it contains iron. It’s virtually a health drink. There are lots of other things to do in Dublin too, like Dublin zoo.

Experience The Wild Countryside

The wild countryside is another amazing thing about Ireland. It’s so green and beautiful, you’ll always have somewhere to walk, explore and marvel at. It’s a brilliant place to get back to nature and ground yourself.

Seriously Incredible Festivals

Love a good festival and party? So do the Irish, as you probably already know. There are some seriously incredible festivals, including the St Patrick’s day festival. There’s music, food, performers, and all kinds of other things to see. Start celebrating!

Pub Culture

You have probably heard all about the Irish and how they like a knees up. That’s why the pub culture is brilliant! The atmosphere can’t be beaten and you’ll love how welcoming everybody is. You don’t even need to be a big drinker or have an alcoholic drink to enjoy this.

Live Performers And Irish Music

Whether you’re exploring the pubs or walking the streets, you’re bound to come across some live performances and Irish music. Irish music could be considered an acquired taste, but it’s still amazing to listen to. It can actually be quite eery!

The People

I know many people say this, but Irish people really are some of the best people about. They are friendly, always up for a chat, and love having a laugh. You’ll love them and you’re bound to make some friends in Ireland. Be warned: if you want a quiet trip where you can keep to yourself, Ireland isn’t the place to go. You just have to get involved with the locals!
See? You should never leave Ireland off your bucket list. It’s too full of beautiful things, people, and experiences. If you’ve been to Ireland, make sure you let me know and tell me what you love about it in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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