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Winter décor ideas to create a stunning children’s bedroom

As we head towards winter, thoughts naturally turn to how to decorate your home to prepare for it. Making sure that your children’s bedrooms are set up to provide an inviting yet fun space as it turns colder is key. Doing this will mean that they can still enjoy spending time in their room to play while making it cosy enough for them to feel really at home.  

For some parents though, thinking of ways to do this can prove tricky. It might be that you have run short of inspiration or do not have lots of money to spend on the transformation. Luckily, there are many purse-friendly ways that you can use to create a stunning winter bedroom for your children. 

Cosy winter décor tips that kids will love 

In some ways, your children will want the same as you do from any winter décor in their room. We all love to feel snuggly and warm during the winter, and this is the effect that you should ideally try to achieve.  

Here are some fabulous ways to do just that: 

  • Funky shutters  as great alternative decoration ideas go, funky window shutters are superb. Your kids will love the cool look that they give to any room and the way that they can adjust them to stay warm when it gets dark. Modern window shutters come in a wide choice of materials, designs and shutters, so you can find the perfect ones for your children’s room. As far as creating a warm and inviting environment to relax in during winter, shutters are fantastic. 
  • Christmas touches  for kids, winter really means Christmas! Let them get into the spirit of it all by adding some festive touches to their space. From fake spray snow on the windows to peel-off transfers on the walls and tinsel on their bookshelves, there are many inexpensive ways to make it all feel more special.  
  • Warm paint colours  a cheap, quick and effective winter décor tip for your children’s room is to give it a new paintjob. As it will be for the colder months, choose a colour that is warm and cosy. This could be a vibrant red or a more refined purple or terracotta. As long as it gives the feeling that you are after, it will be ideal. This is a great way to make them want to spend time in their room as it gets a bit chillier outside. 
  • Comfy beanbags  as winter will mean that your children spend more time inside, it is key to make their rooms comfortable to relax in. A durable beanbag is a great way to do this. They will love lying on it and taking it easy as the snow falls outside. Rather than a normal seat, beanbags give a more flexible seating solution for children’s bedrooms. 
  • Intimate lighting  another great touch for your children’s bedroom décor in the winter months is this one. Getting some intimate lighting can make a big difference in achieving that cosy feel you are after. Try to get lights that can be dimmed as the days get shorter and bedside lamps that will offer a more relaxed lighting approach when needed. 
  • Luxurious throws or blankets – getting wrapped up when reading or resting in their room is key to that perfect winter décor look. Get a throw or blanket that is made from luxurious-feeling material. They will love relaxing on their beanbag with their new blanket and thinking about all that Santa may be bringing soon.  

Don’t forget rugs either  

When thinking of the best winter decor tips for any children’s bedroom, rugs are always worth considering. This is especially true if your child has a wooden floor in their room rather than carpet. A stylish rug in their favourite colour or children’s character will give them somewhere to lie on when tired. It will also help to keep little feet warm when it starts to get a bit colder! 

Give your children a proper winter wonderland to enjoy  

We all love to give the best we can to our kids, and decorating their room ready for winter is one superb way to achieve this. As you can see from the above list, it doesn’t have to cost a lot or involve intrusive construction work. By adding some simple cosy touches to their existing room, they will have a room to enjoy all season long.

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