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Wood Flooring vs Carpet – The Pros and Cons

Choosing which flooring to have in your home can be a hard task. Flooring can make up a large portion of your budget when redecorating your home so it’s something you want to get right the first time, making the wrong choice could be a costly mistake.

Wood flooring is a modern and popular choice at the moment but carpet is starting to creep back into the mix. So what flooring is right for you and your family? To make the right choice you have to know the pros and cons of both and that’s what we’re going to look at today.

I have both carpet and wooden flooring in my home and there are a lot of different pros and cons. I have a carpeted hall stairs and landing, a laminated living room and bedroom and lino in the kitchen and bathroom so I have a lot of experience of both types of flooring.

Wood flooring

There are a lot of pros and cons to wood flooring in our homes, below you can find out what they are to help determine if it’s the right flooring choice for you.


  • Cleaning up spills and mess from children and pets is easy with wood flooring. A quick wipe or mop is all it needs to remove spills or mud and dirt.
  • With regular vacuuming and mopping/cleaning, you will find your wood flooring is easy to maintain.
  • Wood flooring can be cold which means if you like walking around without socks your feet might start feeling the cold.
  • You can lay wood flooring throughout your home, even your kitchen and bathroom. You will need to purchase wood flooring which is designed for these rooms to ensure a long life for your floor.
  • Damage such as scratches can often be repaired on wood flooring making it a good choice for those with a busy household.
  • Available in a lot of different colours and goes with most furniture and accessories.


  • It can be slippery which means it might not be a good choice if you have very young children, especially if they are learning to walk. You might also find your pets (especially dogs) slip on wood flooring when walking.
  • Wood flooring can be noisy so might not be the right choice if you have young children or if you live in a flat.
  • Can be expensive to buy, especially if you want to lay wood flooring in your kitchen and bathroom because this requires a thicker wood and costs more. You will also need to purchase underlay to reduce noise and heat loss.


Although carpeting fell out of favour over the last decade or so, it’s now coming back into contention. Take a look at the pros and cons of carpet below to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you and your family.


  • You could save money on your heating bills thanks to carpets ability to help insulate a room.
  • They are available in a lot of colours and patterns to suit every style and home.
  • Carpets are soft and comfortable to walk on making them great for crawling and toddling children.
  • If you are looking for sound insulation carpet is great for helping keep noise to a minimum, great if you live in a flat.


  • They are hard to repair so spills and burns etc could mean replacing the whole carpet.
  • If the carpet has high traffic levels it can show up dirt and the pile can become worn quickly.
  • Carpets can harbour dust and dust mites which could mean they aren’t the best choice for those with asthma.
  • Unfortunately, carpet isn’t a good choice for a kitchen or bathroom due to the moisture levels in these rooms. This means running carpet through the whole house isn’t really an option.
  • Maintenance costs can be high depending on prices in your area. It’s advised to have a carpet cleaned by professionals every 12 months.

I hope you have found the above useful in deciding which flooring is going to be best suited to your home. If you’re still unsure why not visit a few showrooms and see the products in person, you can also ask any questions you might have regarding specific products.

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