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Maxx is approaching his first year at school and everyone is trying to help him prepare in any way possible. His mummy has been spending an hour each day during the holidays doing ‘school work’ – spelling, numbers, writing etc. He is really enjoying it and hopefully will continue to enjoy it at school!

It is important for Maxx to continue learning throughout the holidays and beyond in a way that is fun and engaging, we recently found the perfect way to make learning fun thanks to Wordsearch Junior from Drumond Park. Wordsearch Junior is great for encouraging children to use their language, recognition and pattern skills.

The game includes the table-top wheelebase, coloured counters, instructions and a total of 9 double sided game disks, 3 disks for each difficulty level. The game is very easy to set up it’s just a case of choosing a playing disk, putting it on the wheelebase then putting on the plastic top. Now you’re ready to play!

The game starts with the youngest player, they turn the playing disk clockwise until the picture patterns or words are visible in the blue trim opening. The picture and word patterns can always be found in a straight line, this makes it less complicated for younger children.

A player calls out the order of the sequence, players then look for the sequence and the first person to find it points it out and places their coloured counters on the sequence. Play continues until all of the sequences have been found or when a player has used all of their counters. The winner is the person who has the most counters on the board at the end of the game. Usually Maxx in our case, he has an eagle eye!

Thanks to the different difficulty levels the game can be adapted as your child grows, this makes the game fantastic value for money.

Blue Level: Perfect for beginners. There are 6 different cards to choose from Pets, Fruit, Fairy Tales, Balls, Faces, and Zoo animals.

Red Level: Picture hints are used on this level. There are 6 game cards to choose from; House, Farm, Summer Holiday, Garden, Forest and Animals.

Green Level: This level also has 6 game cards; School, Transportation, Food, My Body, Clothing and Sports.

I am very impressed with the game, it’s not often you find a game which is fun and educational! Maxx has asked to play the game repeatedly and will happily sit and play it over and over again and thanks to the different playing disks there are different games to choose from and he doesn’t get bored.  I love the fact the difficulty level can be adapted as children grow too.

If you think your children would love the game too make sure you enter our Wordsearch Junior competition for your chance to win one!

Wordsearch Junior is priced at £18.99 and is suitable for 1-4 players and ages 4+ If you would like more information about Wordsearch Junior or other games available from Drumond Park head over to

*We were sent a copy of Wordsearch Junior for the purpose of this review.  I always give an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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