Going through with a home refurbishment isn’t something to be taken lightly. Even if you get it right, your whole life can be thrown into disarray while you make the desired changes. Hopefully, this complete guide to home refurbishment will help you to figure out what you need to do before you set your heart on it!

Getting An Architect

Whether you need an architect or not can depend on what you’re planning.

With a period style property, plans may need plans drawn up for a builder but you may not need a full service – providing it’s a straightforward refurb. It’s possible to buy ready made designs in some cases, so that’s worth bearing in mind.  

A larger project, especially one on a period property, can be far more complex and require an architect to ensure the correct materials and plans are used.  

Planning Permission

To get planning permission, you need to apply to the local authority. You’ll need to fill in forms to send off along with the correct amount of money to get it. It is required to keep neighbours safe – so that one cannot change their home at the expense of the other. Nobody wants to look at an eyesore either, so this is what planning permission is for.

Building Regulation And Controls

These are imposed by the local authority and can be restrictive on refurbs. Health and safety standards must be adhered to, and they must protect the owner and the property. It can be more complicated for areas where people are already living, as their safety will need to be ensured too.


Renovation/Build Costs

This is tricky. You can budget for estimates but the prices can change throughout the project, so you may not know the true cost until it is complete. It’s important to hire a local building contractor that is transparent about price, so you know you’re going to get the best possible price. They should separate the costs of materials and labour, and you should make sure you know how long the project is due to take as well as a list of what is to be done.  

Project Management

Having a project manager can be helpful at securing cost effective quotes. They can also take care of the managing of staff and materials. Problems are usually sorted quickly and practically too. However, you will need to pay them a daily/weekly rate, so they must be valuable to your project.

Doing It Yourself?

Whether you do this yourself can depend on experience and what you are legally entitled to do. Some renovation projects can potentially be within your skill level, if you have an eye for detail, tools, and the ability to watch tutorials. However, some jobs legally require tradesmen, such as gas and electrics. If you really want to do this yourself, you have the potential to train at college or a centre. It can be quicker and more effective to get professionals to do it, although more expensive.

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