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YVolution Flicker Scooter – The Smart Way To Travel



Maxx enjoys being active, he loves nothing more than bouncing on the trampoline in the garden, going swimming or playing on his bike. I think it’s really important that children enjoy exercising and sports. Of course at Maxx’s age he just thinks it’s all great fun but he’s definitely developing a love for running around and playing outdoors which can only be a good thing.

We recently got the opportunity to try out a fun scooter that’s different from the norm. We were asked if we would like to review an item from the YVolution website. There are lots of fantastic products available, there’s the Y Pewi, Balance Bikes, Y Glider, Y Flicker,Y Flicker Carver and the Y Pogo. The YVolution range caters for all members of the family with products starting from age 9 months to adults.

Maxx will be 5 in under a month so I was torn between the Y Flicker J2 Blue which is from the junior range and is aimed at children aged 3-5 years old or the Y Flicker A1 which is for ages 5+. In the end I decided to go with the Y Flicker A1 scooter as I felt that it was more age appropriate.

After the order had been placed it arrived very quickly. The scooter was cushioned between cardboard supports and was also held together with a strap to avoid damage during transit. It arrived in perfect condition and I couldn’t wait to get it set up for Maxx (and me) to have a go on. I wasn’t sure how much assembly it would need as often things are in parts and it’s a case of assembling it yourself. I was pleasantly surprised to take it out of the box to find the only thing I had to do was tighten two screws and put the handlebars on which only involved another two screws. It took me less than 5 minutes to assemble the scooter so if you do buy it for Christmas day you don’t need to assemble it the day beforehand, unless of course you want to.

I watched the YVolution advert before the scooter arrived and did have a few reservation as to whether Maxx would be able to get the hang of it or not. The first time he tried it he stood on it and wiggled his hips but didn’t move, I explained to him that he would have to push himself with his feet first then he could wiggle and it would move. He tried this and managed to get it to keep going for around 4-5 metres which I thought was good for his first shot.

He has been on the scooter numerous times since it arrived and asks to go out on it every day after school. He can now ride it really well and is able to propel himself for a good distance, he has also been practising drifting – this is a lot of fun. As with anything practice makes perfect and each time Maxx goes on the scooter I can see him getting more confident and travelling further and further.

I have also had a shot on the scooter and can tell you it is a fantastic way to get around, it is a lot of fun and I am contemplating getting one so I can go out with Maxx. I already touched on the exercise subject but here’s a fact for you; One hour on a Y Flicker burns 770 calories! Fun and exercise in one, I’m pretty much sold.

If you don’t have a shed or garage to store the scooter in, don’t worry as YVolution have thought of everything. The scooter folds down, all you have to do is loosen the two screws and it can be stored away or easily carried. This is a great feature if you have limited storage or for taking on day trips or holidays.

Here are a few things we love about the YVolution scooter

  • It comes in different age ranges
  • Folds for easy storage and travelling
  • It’s great for keeping active
  • Rubber grips on the handles
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It has a break
  • It is FUN!

I haven’t added in any negatives as we haven’t found any negatives at all.

You can see Maxx showing off his skills in the video below.

You can purchase the Y Flicker A1 directly from the YVolution website and other good toy stockists. The Flicker A1 scooter has an RRP of £74.99.

The YVolution scooter is a fantastic gift for any outdoor loving child or adult, so if you are looking for the perfect gift to keep you or your little one active take a look at the YVolution website where you can see the full range of products and find more details.


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  • Reply
    lucy rose
    December 22, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    The two little boys would love to have this scooter, on Christmas morning.

  • Reply
    Rachel Craig
    February 6, 2014 at 8:23 pm

    This scooter looks good : I like the colours. Also I get the impression that it may be more comfortable and safer to use (?ergonomic). As design allows a more balanced position in use.

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